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To generate your affiliate links please use the affiliate link generator below. You will need your ClickBank ID to get started. If you are not yet registered with ClickBank please register for free here.

Depending on the option you select in the landing page field below you will be able to pass on VIN from your landing page directly to our search funnel or select to prepopulate the search box on our homepage as soon as the user initiates the search from your site

If you choose any of the loading page options in the landing page drop down menu below, please note: The "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" portion of the URL acts as a placeholder. You will need to populate this section of the URL with the required variables based on the type of loading landing page option selected. Be sure to pass the VIN or license plate number properly formatted by eliminating all spaces, dashes and invalid characters from the search parameters in your loading landing page URL/s.

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