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Accidents, Recalls, Services...

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Salvage, Theft, Mileage Rollback...

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Sale Dates, Liens, Events...

What information can I uncover using the VinCheckUp license plate search

Using various government, insurance, and proprietary data sources the VeinCheckUp license plate search will compile a report containing wealth of vehicle specific information, such as:

Accident History

Accident History

View number of accidents reported along with accident dates and possible severity of damage to vehicle.

Title Check

Title Check

Checks current and historical title records for over 60 different types of title brands.

Odometer Checks

Odometer Check

Checks for odometer rollbacks and tempering with mileage readings.

Service History

Service History

Access possible dealer maintenance and manufacturer recommended service records.

Theft History

Theft History Check

Checks for active theft, and if the vehicle is registered as a theft recovery vehicle.

Sale and Lien

Sale & Lien Records

Reports details on past sale and lien events, such as dates, amounts, lien holder info...

Commercial Use

Commercial Use History

Checks for history or government fleet vehicle, police or taxi use.

Problem Checklist

Problem Checklist

Reports may include everything from hidden/undisclosed damage to major events such as total loss, Reconstruction, Lemon buy back and more...

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Register & Download Report

No two preowned vehicles are ever the same. Say for instance you had to choose to purchase one of 2 vehicles. Both vehicles are of the identical year make, model and similar odometer reeding however they were owned by 2 different people. A license plate search may reveal that one of the vehicles was involved in a major accident or had some other major event that may have decreased the vehicles value. Having this information available when you need it can not only help you make an informed decision it can aid you in your price negotiations.

Beyond providing vehicle specific information VinCheckUp can reveal prior sale events, liens, and it can even tell if the car was ever registered as government owned or company fleet vehicle.

Sellers may also benefit from providing a vehicle history report to the buyer helping establish trust and facilitate a smooth transaction.

User Reviews

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"Have to say I am surprised how much valuable information you guys were able to give me. Thanks a lot."

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"Great app told me everything I needed to know about the vehicle I was trying to buy"

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"It took me a while to figure out how to use it. But once I got it to work I got my report. Much cheaper than Carfax. This is my go to site."