The Best Inexpensive Makes and Models to Buy as your First Car

Jan 03, 2022

It might be intimidating to buy an automobile if you've never done it before. Model year, trim level, miles on the odometer, car condition, and location, all influence prices. And of course, there are so many different options for each model of car, all of which can influence the price of the vehicle. Simply put, there is just a lot of information to sort through when you are buying a car.


For young drivers or novice drivers, getting their first automobile may be an exhilarating experience and finding the right fit is crucial to maintaining that enthusiasm. While friends and relatives may be able to advise new drivers on their preferred car manufacturers, it's also vital to look at automobile characteristics and examine the variety of fantastic used cars that are now available. One of the best tools in uncovering vehicle past events and issues is a VinCheckUp Vehicle History Report.


So what are the best cars for you or your young teen driver to buy when you are looking for a first car? There are many choices on the market but these are easily some of the very best.

Mazda Mazda3

The 2018 Mazda3's small proportions make it simple to drive through traffic and park, whether at a supermarket or in congested urban metropolitan regions. Teens and novice drivers will like the optional six-speed manual gearbox, which allows them to acquire a useful skill while having fun. A six-speed automatic transmission is available for people who prefer the Mazda3 to do the shifting for them. In either case, whether you're used to using public transit or utilizing a ridesharing service, getting behind the wheel of this automobile might give you a sense of confidence and control.

Toyota Corolla

Without the Corolla, a list of best vehicles for novice drivers would be incomplete. Toyota unveiled a revamped Corolla sedan for 2020. The 1.8L four-cylinder engine in the L, LE, and XLE Corolla sedan trim levels produces 139 horsepower and 126 pound-feet of torque, which is enough to get even the most inexperienced drivers up to speed while getting an EPA-estimated 38 mpg on the interstate (L and LE trims). A 2.0L four-cylinder engine with 169 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque powers the sportier SE and XSE sedans. Toyota also unveiled a 2020 Corolla Hybrid car with an excellent EPA-estimated combined fuel economy of 52 miles per gallon.

Volkswagen Jetta

Although the sixth-generation Jetta's production ended in 2017, the 2017 and 2018 model years saw significant upgrades to VW's popular four-door. Music fans of all ages will like the updates to the Jetta's infotainment system, which now includes USB connectivity and smartphone integration. 2017 Jettas are powered by one of two turbocharged four-cylinder engines: a 1.4L with 150 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, or a 1.8L with an extra 20 horsepower. On the interstate, the smaller engine's lower power levels deliver an EPA-estimated 40 mpg.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is without a doubt one of the most dependable, well-liked, and popular vehicles available. If you haven't spotted one on the road today, keep your eyes out for one tomorrow. The automobile is capable of lasting far over 250,000 miles if properly maintained. As one of the most popular automobiles in the world, parts are plentiful, and maintenance is inexpensive.


Because the Civic is so popular, there is a lot of aftermarket support for it, so drivers can modify it to their taste for a reasonable price. Also available for around $10,000 is the sporty and practical Si hatchback from the early 2000s. Since this vehicle is only available with a standard transmission it will allow the new driver to learn the beauty associated with a stick shift.

Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma pickup truck from Toyota is one of the safest and most popular pickup trucks on the market. The Tacoma is often seen on the highways, and its appeal stems from its dependability, safety, and low market price. In addition to Toyota's outstanding build quality, the Tacoma has robust off-road capabilities.


The truck's optional four and six-cylinder engines deliver decent performance, although some may find them to be a little thirsty on gas.

Nissan Xterra

In 2005, Nissan introduced the second generation Xterra SUV, which retained the original generation model's philosophy of toughness and simplicity while emphasizing an active outdoor lifestyle.


The Xterra has remained mostly unchanged over the last decade, and all models are driven by a 4.0-liter version of Nissan's award-winning VQ-series V6 engine, which generates 265 horsepower.

Honda Accord

A new driver's list of prospective automobiles should include the 2017 Honda Accord. The Accord has long been a favorite of novice drivers thanks to its attractive design, generous features, and substantial luggage space (15.8 cubic feet), and the 2017 model is no different. Honda updated the popular Accord with a makeover and new technology in 2016. That upgrade improves the 2017 model, which has the same 185-hp, 2.4L four-cylinder engine. This sedan also features a convenient one-piece folding rear seat that is useful for transporting heavy things and sports equipment.

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul, a little hatchback that packs a punch despite its size, is readily available for around $10,000 in its 2014-2019 generation. It has part of the feel of an SUV, with a lofty sitting position and spacious load area, but with car-like driving stability and gas efficiency.


This Soul generation also has a high level of elegance and interior craftsmanship. That's great news for teenagers who want to retain their first automobile for a long time; it won't seem like a cheap, sad car they're eager to get rid of.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius, which costs less than $10,000, is a wonderful alternative for environmentally conscious teenagers. This five-door gas-electric hybrid is known for combining excellent gas mileage, industry-leading dependability, and a practical interior space. It's hardly the type of vehicle that encourages an adolescent to get into mischief. They won't inform Mom and Dad that they forgot to plug it in and need a ride, unlike an all-electric automobile.





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