2001 Acura CL

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  • 5 Review rating Performance
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Specs and features

Year: 2001
Make: Acura
Model: CL
Age: 23
Active Recalls: No Reported Data Found

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    One of the most reliable cars I have ever owned.
    Aug 02, 2023

    I am a Honda/Acura guy all the way. This 01 CL was my first ever car and it still runs strong approaching 300,000 miles on the original drivetrain. I feel bad that I do not drive it that much anymore but ever since I got married I needed a bigger car so I upgraded to an Acura MDX. I just like Acura because it is not as boring as Toyota but just as reliable.

    (5)Review rating Interior
    (5)Review rating Exterior
    (4)Review rating Performance
    (5)Review rating Reliability
    (5)Review rating Value

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