2009 Dodge Journey

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The 2009 Dodge Journey is a versatile vehicle that offers a blend of minivan convenience with SUV capabilities.

Specs and features

VIN: 3D4GG57V29T502004
Year: 2009
Make: Dodge
Model: Journey
Trim: SXT
Age: 15
Active Recalls: No Reported Data Found


  • Spacious Interior.
  • The ride is comfortable and smooth.


  • The fuel economy is not as impressive.
  • The base engine might feel underpowered compared to rivals.

Customer reviews

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    Problem after problem
    Sep 02, 2023

    Hvac system issues, the actuators for the driver side vent keeps braking. The dealer replaced it first time under warranty but this is the second time and I tried doing it myself but you have to take half the dashboard apart to get to the darn thing. I was about to tackle it when I thought best let an expert deal with it. I took it to the local guy that does a lot of these domestic cars and he told me the actuator gears fail because they are cheap plastic and brittle from heat cycles especially in the northeast climate. Seams like a stupid thing to get wrong on the part of Chrysler corp.

    (2)Review rating Interior
    (1)Review rating Exterior
    (1)Review rating Performance
    (1)Review rating Reliability
    (1)Review rating Value

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