Larry Franklin

Jan 22, 2019

Like this Hybrid, 3rd owner, made some improvements and caught up the maintenance/repairs
Purchased with 117K miles, had to catch up the maintenance. Yes, I'm picky about my vehicle maintenance, I retired as a Heavy Equipment Tech as well as Equipment shop foreman. Not afraid to learn and understand new things! Full Tune up- had OEM plugs and wires. Cleaned IAC, throttle body and intake system, now using fuel injector cleaner at every oil change, take oil sample too for analysis. Mobil 1 oil and AC filter, replaced and cleaned out engine air filter housing. Changed Transmission fluid and filter due to no records, took sample for analysis. Flushed radiator, replaced, belt and all cooling system hoses and thermostat. Cut and installed retrofitted cabin air filter, it was a dealer option that had not been installed. Replaced all door lock actuators due to intermittent failures. Replaced the hood shock, rear glass shocks and rear hatch shocks. A few interior lights were out, replaced all with upgraded LED lighting. Upgraded headlights, driving lights and daytime running lights with LED's including top night time driving lights with duel illumination LED's (5K white/3K amber). Changed both front and rear differential fluids with new synthetic fluid. Serviced transfer case, changed fluid. Complete suspension rebuild will be next, as well as upgraded drilled and slotted brake rotors with ceramic brake pads. Good 6.0L motor and 4L60E transmission, rated as 339 HP. Installed New camshaft, lifters and short tube headers, larger fuel injectors as well as Engine Management computer upgrade. Now dynoed at almost 400HP. Left the active fuel management program working. Upgraded tires to 305/45/22 size, speedometer now reads 1 mph slow, much closer than the 3 mph fast reading it had before. Currently at 65-75 mph I can still achieve 26-23 mpg. Currently @ 122000 miles.