Dec 16, 2019

I like my 2010 Murano, it has a lot more power then my older Jeep Grand Cherokee, or at least if feels like it does, it defiantly has some get up and go in it. It is also a good looking car, at least in my opinion, and no complaint on interior layout or function. Where I do have an issue with this car is with how it is made, it is super flimsy, just closing the gas filler door hard can bend the latch, and everything is made to brake, it feels super fragile and I would not recommend this car to the careless type of person. My second issue with this car is that stupid CVT automatic transmission. I tried going up a curve from dead stop and the car would not do it, it made plenty of noice and the engine did rave up to about 3k but nothing happened. The dealer told me this is because the CVT does not have a true low gear and that car should not be used off road or in heavy snow. So I ask you what is the point of owning this SUV then (at least on the east coast where we get harsh weather conditions and a lot of snow)?