Very basic a to b car

Nov 25, 2019

I had to take out a loan on this 2012 Limited 4x4 V-6. I was new Ford products, and I was not sure what to expect. After 4 years of owning this car I can tell you it is a very basic a to be type of vehicle. It is okay to drive but nothing to brag about. As far as reliability I had a few issues, like a leak from the sunroof. I put some good miles on this car so I went through a couple of set of tires, brakes and so on... All these repair are to be expected however what I did not expect like the intermittent check engine light, power steering leak but the worst problem has have to be related to starting, sometimes it does not want to start, I have to wait a few minutes and try again before it starts. The only reason I am not giving it a 1 star is because I did put a lot of miles on it and some of the repairs were done under extended warranty, also the car was not too expensive to begin with so as they say "You get what you pay for".