Buy a Toyota instead!

May 28, 2019

Let me save some people the hassle of buying a piece of junk. This was the first and only ford I have or will ever buy. I just traded it for a new Toyota 4runner and I am happy to get rid of it. The truck was unreliable, poorly put together, noisy and not very nice to drive. I have only owned it for a short time but I just could not live with all the cheap plastic noises constant electronic problems, even one of the doors broke. I originally purchased this truck not as a daily driver but just to use on occasions when truck is needed like pulling our boat and jet skies and so on... but it could not even do that right. I cannot believe I am saying this but my Audi A6 is more reliable then this stupid truck and that car has close to 200k on the clock. I have no clue why I see so many of these driving on the roads. Let me put it this way, to anyone that is used to owning European or Japanese cars you will be very disappointed buying this ford.