This is the definition of a fun zip around car

Jun 24, 2019

I just got this car as a Salvage car so it is my little rebuild project but I have owned one before and I regret selling it. So I decided I need to own this car as a third car that I can take out on the weekends. I have a big family so a little two door sports car cannot be my daily driver however I know I need an MX-5 Miata in my life. In my opinion the best version of this car came in 2006-2015 because it is a bit larger then the original one so I can actually fit inside and it still retains all the fun canyon carving abilities. I had a chance to drive the 2016 version of this car and it seemed a bit off too me so if you are looking for a fun mechanical feeling manual transmission sports car I would recommend the 3rd gen Miata. If you are looking for strait line speed then look elsewhere because this car is not big on power but it is big on handling and just a lot of top down joy. One last comment, DO NOT BUY THE AUTO transmission version as it takes a lot of fun out of driving this thing.