Jerky shifts but still a good truck

Apr 13, 2020

I purchased my 18 Tacoma double cab in November of 2018. They were offering a bit of a discount because the 2019 models were ready to fill the showroom floors. I traded my old Tacoma with over 350,000 miles on it. So, my standards for reliability were very high. So far, I cannot say I am disappointed however I did notice some minor issues with this truck I think people should be aware of. The transmission is a bit dimwitted; it almost feels like the truck has to slow down to downshift properly, also the tranny is not very responsive, it does not know what gear to get into sometimes, which may create issues when traveling at high speeds. I have driven other Chrysler products that have the same type of annoying automatic transmission problem I am just surprised that it is affecting a Toyota products which are generally renowned for their reliability and executions. Besides that, issues, I did have a problem with my sun visor clip failing to keep the sun visor clipped in but the dealer fixed that so no other issues to report. My general opinion of Toyota has not changed, its just the industry trend to get as much MPG as possible that is why that have to priorities that over other stuff like smooth shifting transmissions and so on…