How to Reveal Engine Type with Engine VIN Number Lookup

Mar 25, 2016
How to Reveal Engine Type with Engine VIN Number Lookup?

VIN numbers are similar to a social insurance number for your automotive product. Every auto manufactured has an identification number allocated to it - a special number to that vehicle. When you buy your automobile product both new and used - the number on your bill should correspond to the stated VIN, if not, you have the wrong automobile. This is how one can find out exactly what engine your vehicle is actually built with from the manufacturer:

vin-basics : How to Reveal Engine Type with Engine VIN Number Lookup
  1. Locate the VIN number. You will find it both on your title or/and registration papers and on the vehicle. Some of the typical spots where you can find it on the vehicle are:
    • On the driver's section dashboard;
    • On the car engine.
    • the door-jam of the driver's or possibly passenger's side;
    • On the firewall;
    • On the steering column/wheel;
    • On the internal wheel arch on the driver's section;
  2. When you identified the VIN, obtain a decode key from VINCHECKUP.COM then you will discover what information is decoded in the VIN. The engine model is normally decoded in any position from 4th to 8th character. The position differs based on other cars attributes, such as the year of production, model, car manufacturer and parts.

  3. Confirm the major features of the vehicle, namely the year (it is normally decoded in the 10th character), the auto manufacturer (the 2nd character of the VIN) and model (the 3rd character). Be sure that these attributes correspond with real information.
  4. Determine the character, which corresponds to the engine of your vehicle. It is normally within the 4th to 9th positions, which formulate a description sector having information relating to the engine type, braking system and body type. However, if you are searching for engine code of selected vehicles such as Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Honda, and several others, their engine codes are located directly on the engine.

    Finding your engine type is easy if you have the right VIN and follow the above process. You can easily detect your engine type by following the above steps.

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