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Scion was a Japanese car company known for their focus on style and affordability. As a subsidiary brand of Toyota Motor Corporation, Scion was established with the aim of attracting a younger and first-time car buyer.

Scion cars were primarily comprised of compact vehicles based on existing Toyota car models. Scion Vehicles were designed to be customized and offered an extensive list of bolt on accessories and performance parts directly from Toyota. The Scion lineup has evolved over the years, offering a range of models designed to appeal to diverse consumer preferences. Among the latest models, the iconic Scion xB continues to capture attention with its distinctive boxy design and spacious interior. Additionally, the Yaris iA known for its amazing fuel efficiency has garnered praise from drivers seeking practicality without compromising on style. For those craving exhilarating performance, the sporty rear wheel drive Scion FR-S delivers a thrilling driving experience with its sleek design and dynamic handling.

In a highly competitive automotive landscape, Scion ceased operations in 2016 but Toyota continued producing some of the Scion car models under the Toyota brand. For instance, the Scion FR-S is still available under the Toyota-derived name, the GT86.

We have comprised a list of Scion vehicles to assist in distinguishing vehicle features, options and variations by year, make and model. Using Scion Car VIN numbers, you can gain a wealth of information on the pre-owned vehicles you may be interested in purchasing. A full Vehicle history report may help in determining current vehicle condition and should help in accessing future performance and overall reliability.

All SCION model cars are assigned a unique identifying number that serves as the vehicles serial number and is most commonly referred to as the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN for short. Your SCION VIN can help you identify a vast amount of vital information about the vehicle, such as its manufacturer, model, year, features, drivetrain information and more.

All vehicle manufactured after 1980 are assigned a globally recognized standardized format VIN number that in addition to identifying vehicles year, make, model and features it also can allow you to track the vehicles history. Using just a Vehicle Identification Number you can uncover previous accidents, thefts, service history, title brands, reported mileage, lease history, possible taxi use and more...