How to Obtain a Vehicle Title Number

Nick Roshon
Mar 25, 2016

How to Obtain a Vehicle Title Number?

A vehicle registration is a compulsory certification that every vehicle must obtain to ensure that it can be driven on public roads. After you have purchased a vehicle, either it's new or used; it must be registered at the DMV office. The vehicle will receive a registration plate that is distinct to that particular vehicle. Aside from the registration, there is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), that is completely unique to every vehicle and that serves to that same purpose.

vin-basics : How to Obtain a Vehicle Title Number

What is vehicle title?

A vehicle title is a document that functions as an evidence of ownership. Just like vehicle registrations, Vehicle titles are likewise given by the DMV. The title contains some features of a vehicle, such as: the car year, make and model, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), its gross weight for taxation requirements, the license plate number, as well as the owner's name and address.

Features of a Vehicle Title

  1. It possesses a distinct VIN.
  2. It is a record of ownership.
  3. It is important for every transaction involving your vehicle.
  4. includes comprehensive details about the history of your vehicle.

Obtaining a Vehicle Title Number

If the vehicle was bought from a particular car dealer in a state, the dealer sends in the completed application for certificate of title. You need to take the yellow copy of the title application to your local insurance agent before submitting it to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If the vehicle was bought from an individual, you should request for a clean title from the seller. Please be sure to check the title does not have any outstanding lean holder information disclosed in the ownership section. If there is no visible "purchase price" spot on the assignment of title, you will have to provide a bill of sale in order for you to have it for your record.

But if the vehicle was bought from an out-of-state dealer, you will have to request for a title with your County Tax Collector and present a copy of your sales invoice or purchase to the Tax Collector, then you will be instructed to pay Sales tax on the purchase of this vehicle.

The vehicle title is among the crucial documents for maintaining the ownership chain because it will have records of the previous title and ownership, especially by including the previous vehicle title number and the state where the title was issued. The Certificate of Title needs to be handled as a vital document by the vehicle owner and must be kept in a secure location.

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